Lucille draws stuff.

I'm Lucille (or Enamor), 20 years old french girl, and this is my "art blog".

You'll find silly drawings of otters and mainly a bunch of fanarts including Thief, 19th century inspired art, shakespearian fangirling, Tolkien art, cool vikings and fauns. Oh yeah, you'll probably see a lot of Marvel's stuff too.

Hope you'll enjoy it. You can message me if you want to say hi or anything else!

I did this a week ago and forgot to post it. I’m not really pleased with the proportion but I like the face. I imagined her to be some kind of witch.

I had zero motivation and I don’t know how this drawing happened. 

Mutant badass teacher.

Still doing the palette challenge. Does someone have another request?

I’ll probably take more than 30 days to do this, but this is my first attempt for the monster challenge.

The first one is a Harpie.

Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among us.


It’s totally messy but I love it. That’s supposed to be in the background of an X-men fanart I’m currently working on with my friend Sorasina. 

I’ve heard there was a Snowpiercer's day, so here's a little contribution.

For those who haven’t seen the film yet : I didn’t know what to expect the first time I went to see Snowpiercer and it turned out to be really awesome. The cinematography is good and there’s a great acting and a unique visual identity. If you’re fed up to see the same “good versus evil” film, this one is totally for you!

Princess Jessamine from dishonored (I think that's her name at least) in 64?

Oh my god, yes yes yes! Dishonored characters are so well designed. I just remembered how I love this game! Thanks for asking me this!

Let’s try again! Any suggestions?