Lucille draws stuff.

I'm Lucille (or Enamor), 20 years old french girl, and this is my "art blog".

You'll find silly drawings of otters and mainly a bunch of fanarts including Thief, 19th century inspired art, shakespearian fangirling, Tolkien art, cool vikings and fauns. Oh yeah, you'll probably see a lot of Marvel's stuff too.

Hope you'll enjoy it. You can message me if you want to say hi or anything else!

I had to invent a character for another sketch contest!

Aileen was born with a strange arm and an odd color in her eyes. It is said that her mother was a witch, but the young girl herself never knew if it was true. However, she knows that she always has been really skilled when it came to occult arts. Because of her burden, she had to understand quickly how to use her power in order to survivre in the world. Besides her deadly touch, her talents in alchemy and her science of poison led her to become one of the most dreadful assassin in the capital.

The rumors say that she may have a demonic origin. In reality, nobody really knows what happened to her arm and eyes.

Basically, she is badass.

I did this sketch for a comics themed contest. I never drew Deadpool before, it was a nice occasion.

I’m back! The last few weeks were pretty busy for me and I had not the opportunity to draw any digital art. Hopefully, I still had my sketchbook nearby to keep doing doodles. 

The one under was obviously done while watching HP.

I did this a week ago and forgot to post it. I’m not really pleased with the proportion but I like the face. I imagined her to be some kind of witch.

I had zero motivation and I don’t know how this drawing happened. 

Mutant badass teacher.

Still doing the palette challenge. Does someone have another request?

I’ll probably take more than 30 days to do this, but this is my first attempt for the monster challenge.

The first one is a Harpie.

Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among us.


It’s totally messy but I love it. That’s supposed to be in the background of an X-men fanart I’m currently working on with my friend Sorasina.