Lucille draws stuff.

I'm Lucille (or Enamor), 20 years old french girl, and this is my "art blog".

You'll find silly drawings of otters and mainly a bunch of fanarts including Thief, 19th century inspired art, shakespearian fangirling, Tolkien art, cool vikings and fauns. Oh yeah, you'll probably see a lot of Marvel's stuff too.

Hope you'll enjoy it. You can message me if you want to say hi or anything else!

Yesterday, I began to do a livestream to show my art process to some of my friends. Even if my way of painting is totally messy,I thought it could be great to leave the link here too!

I’m curently painting a japanese ghost for a Halloween contest.

I tried some new brushes!

Ruins. It’s not quite finished and I did it really quickly to test some brushes. I like how the wall turned out, but the ground is meh.

Time to replace my regular icon with a spooky one. Nobody can get away from the Halloween train.

Some kind of concepts for a character.

A portrait of Eugénie, one of my best friend from High School!
I’m going to keep practising with face studies, I already miss drawing this year.

It’s finished! Well, almost, but I don’t have the courage to continue this one. 

Alien concept.

Working on an elf drawing. Am I influenced by the fact that I played Shadow of Mordor today? Nah. Impossible.

Quick color sketches.

The theme of the first one was “final boss” and the theme of the second one was “Space scenery”.